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Bite my shiny metal ass! is Bender’s trademark catchphrase. He uses it mostly as a running gag whenever he is annoyed with someone. The words are part of Bender’s top five most used words, with the exception of “metal”, which was substituted with “daffodil”. He uses it in different variations…

Variations and Appearances

Space Pilot 3000

Bite my shiny metal ass!Bender’s first ever line on the show

Fear of a Bot Planet

Bite my shiny metal ass!Bender action figure

When Aliens Attack

Bite my red-hot glowing ass! Wait a minute, red hot glowing ass? I’ll be right back. OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!Bender

Fry & the Slurm Factory

Hey, bite my shiny metal ass!Bender

Xmas Story

Lick my frozen metal ass!Bender

Anthology of Interest I

Bite my colossal metal ass!Bender

War is the H-Word

Bite my shiny metal — [unfinished]Bender

  • Note: Zapp Brannigan shows Fry and Leela “Bender’s Top Ten Most Frequently Uttered Words” in a similar way to David Letterman’s Top Ten. Bender’s Top 5 includes the words, listed in order:
    • 5. Bite
    • 4. My
    • 3. Shiny
    • 2. Daffodil
    • 1. Ass.

Amazon Women in the Mood

Maybe you can interface with my ass. By biting it!Bender

Bendless Love

It’s time to kick some shiny metal ass.Bender

Insane in the Mainframe

Hey Red, you’re just in time to join the hostage situation. What side you wanna be on?RobertoThe side that kicks your twisted metal ass.Fry

Roswell that Ends Well

1947 can kiss my shiny metal– (falls off the Planet Express ship)Bender

Where the Buggalo Roam

[singing] “We got a right to pick a little fight with rustlers
Somebody wants to pick a fight with us,
He’d better bite my ass!


I Dated a Robot

All right, Liu. Time to kick your frosty, well-toned ass! Yah!Leela

Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television

Bite my shiny metal ass!Bender (twice)“‘Bite my shiny metal ass’ could be a catchphrase!Network PresidentHey, Dad! Bite my shiny metal ass!Cubert

Obsoletely Fabulous

The modern world can bite my splintery wooden ass!Bender

The Farnsworth Parabox

Hey! Bite my glorious golden ass!Alternate Bender (from universe 1)

The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings

Oh, yeah? Well bite my shiny metal – [he realizes he traded away his crotchplate] Oh no!Bender

The Beast with a Billion Backs

Bender to crew. I have reached the gateway to another universe. I feel awed and strangely humbled by the momentous solemnity of this occasion. Hey, other universe, bite my shiny metal…” [he thrusts his ass into the anomaly and he and the ship are blasted away from it]BenderThe human race can bite my shiny metal ass!Bender

Bender’s Game

Yeah? Well, bite my shiny metal face!Titanius Anglesmith

Into the Wild Green Yonder

Bite my shiny metal hat!Fry

Attack of the Killer App

Is there an app for kissing my shiny metal ass?Bender

The Silence of the Clamps

Bite my shiny metal clamps!Clamps


Bite my tiny metal ass!Tiny Bender Duplicate

Ghost in the Machines

As you can see, since Bender’s death, requests to bite one’s shiny metal ass are down by 98%.HermesBite my shiny metal ass!Scruffy


Wife? What are you doin’ with Bender’s shiny metal, gas compressor?Hermes

Yo Leela Leela

He sure has a shiny metal bubbledeeboop.Princess Num Num


Byte my 8-bit metal ass!Bender

The Bots and the Bees

Wipe my tiny metal ass!Ben

The Six Million Dollar Mon

Nice shiny metal ass, Hermes!Fry


Bite my freshly molted blubber-filled ass!Elephant seal Bender

The Inhuman Torch

Bite my shiny metal axe!Bender

Saturday Morning Fun Pit

Rite my riny retal rass!Bendee Boo

Assie Come Home

Hey, Fry. Take a picture of me bit’n’ my own shiny metal ass.Bender


Bite my shiny metal ass!Bender

The Simpsons Game

Ow! My shiny metal ass!Bender

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Major appearances

In “War Is the H-Word”, Bender was prevented from saying the ‘last word’ of the quote because he had a bomb inside him which would explode if he said it. It could not be removed, so the word which would blow up a planet was changed to ‘antiquing’, one of Bender’s least said words. Surpisingly, his second most said word was revealed to be ‘daffodil’.

After Bender’s death in “Ghost in the Machines”, Hermes shows a graph of how the usage of the catchphrase has decreased by 98%. The remaining 2% is shortly thereafter explained as being of Scruffy’s usage.

the central concept of “Assie Come Home” relies on the fact that Bender’s ass is, in fact, very shiny – the shiniest object in the universe.


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bite my shiny metal ass

rude slang A rejoinder that emphasizes one’s annoyance with and dismissal of something or someone. The phrase comes from the TV show Futurama, where it is said by a robot character. A: “Yikes, what did you do to your hair?” B: “Oh, bite my shiny metal ass.”

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  • “Space Pilot 3000”
  • “Fear of a Bot Planet”
  • “When Aliens Attack”
  • “Fry & the Slurm Factory”
  • “I Second that Emotion”
  • “Xmas Story”
  • “Anthology of Interest I”
  • “War is the H-Word”
  • “Amazon Women in the Mood”
  • “Bendless Love”
  • “Where the Buggalo Roam”
  • “Insane in the Mainframe”
  • “I Dated a Robot”
  • “Bender Should Not Be Allowed On Television”
  • “Obsoletely Fabulous”
  • “The Farnsworth Parabox”
  • “The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings”
  • “Attack of the Killer App “
  • “The Silence of the Clamps”
  • “Benderama”
  • “Ghost in the Machines”
  • “Neutopia”
  • “Yo Leela Leela”
  • “The Bots and the Bees”
  • “The Six Million Dollar Mon”
  • “Naturama”
  • “The Inhuman Torch”
  • “Saturday Morning Fun Pit”
  • “Assie Come Home
  • “Simpsorama”


  • The Beast with a Billion Backs
  • Bender’s Game
  • Into the Wild Green Yonder

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From a catchphrase of Bender, the rebellious robot character from Futurama, which originally came from bite my ass < suck my ass/bite me. Predating Bender’s use of the phrase, the curiously similar phrasing “kiss my shiny plastic butt” is used in the film Bride of Chucky.


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bite my shiny metal ass

  1. (idiomatic, vulgar, humorous, offensive) An expression of discontent or aggravation to another party.


  • bite me
  • eat my shorts
  • fuck off
  • kiss my ass
  • suck my cock


  • “Bite my shiny metal box!” – said by Boxer the Robot, a character based on Bender in Fry’s Delivery-Boy Man comic. (Seen on the “Fry’s Crudely-Drawn Comic Book – The Crudely Animated Edition” special feature on Volume 5)


  • Bender’s ass is actually bitten in “I Second that Emotion” by Nibbler, in “The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz” by a penguin, in “Assie Come Home” by Bender himself, and in “The Sun Also Raises!” by a shark.
  • Although there are two parodies of it in Season 3, the phrase itself does not appear in that season.
  • Outside of Futurama, in the Disenchantment episode “Stairway to Hell”, King Zøg, who is also voiced by John DiMaggio, says “Bite my shiny metal ax!”
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